Buying bulks of Iron

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Turtle0824, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone I am in need of iron and I don't plan on building or waiting at a iron farm so I want to buy bulks of iron. If you are intrested just name your price r/per ingot and how much you have I could go to a shop but it would take me awhile to get the amount I am looking for ty :)

    EDIT: Got all I need ty.
  2. Check Schlaf82 on smp8
  3. How much are you looking for. Depending on the quantity I can get you a little bit. About to restock my shop
  4. I can sell you about 10.5 stacks of iron blocks, 4r per ingot sound good?
  5. *cough* mine is 2r per ingot. Although not sure on the quantity I have available.
  6. Chickeneer... >.<
  7. Schlaf82 is about 2.5 per ingot I think.
    He should have a dc or two filled at his shop.
  8. I now have all I need ty chickeneer for your offer were is your shop if I need anymore ill be happy to go there when needed. a new mall that stocks regularly sounds like a awesome place right now. also ty for your offer Qwerty.
  9. My shop is 8002 on smp4. Just stocked 21 stacks of Blocks. They usually don't last to long, but am glad to get some more iron running in the economy.