[Buying] Bulk Wool. Black and White

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  1. I need probably around 25 stacks of white wool, and 15 stacks of black wool to finish a building i am making, but i really don't want to waste all my money on wool. Is there anyone willing to sell very cheap? So basically, im asking for 40 stacks of wool, for not a lot of rupees :p
  2. Low end is 64 a stack high end is 5k a dc. How much are you wanting to pay? What is your res number?
  3. 2524, smp1. Ill gladly pay the 2560 for all the wool.
  4. I can help also if needed.
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  5. Pffft I'll buy DC'S of white and black wool for like 4k per DC, maybe 5k.
    EDIT: Sorry for sabotaging your thread llama :oops: