[Buying] Bulk Items /v 14932

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  1. SMP7 Bulk Buy Res

    I have setup a lot of signs so you people can come sell me lots of items! I am currently buying a lot of wood, stone and diamonds. These chests change frequently but I will keep it this way until I get the amount I need.

    *Please do not post you can find stores buying for more, I am paying a good price for these items.*

    Currently Buying:

    Wood - 3 DCs of each log
    Stone - 6 DCs
    Diamonds - 3 DCs

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  3. Cool, sold 81 stacks
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  4. Bump, waiting for the thread title to be changed... now buying diamonds, stone, cobble and wood at a great price!
  5. Sold 2 DCs of stone, thanks :)
    What for you buying all these items in such a bulk?
  6. I like to have a lot of items in storage for whenever I need them, I recently ran out of wood and stone so I'm buying a lot more this time so I don't have to down the line. The diamonds are for my shop I'm making. :)
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  7. Thanks to the people who have sold so far. :)
  8. Your cobble was full when I tried.
  9. Diamonds are in great need. If you have diamonds please go sell them so I can finish my mall. :)

  10. Aww You completely ruined my moment xD.

    No but seriously, how much you buy stone for? I might sell.
  11. Need lots o' diamonds!
  12. Are you still in need of 6 Dcs of stone
  13. I'll buy it if you have it, I think the chests are full on the res just PM me if you want me to pickup or deliver.
  14. Now buying diamonds at 70r per, and need another 6 DCs of stone! Come on down and sell to me. Most of the wood chests are also full.
  15. Bump, will setup a chest to buy dragon stone fragments soon due to #DSFAM
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