[ BUYING ] Bulk Diamonds

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  1. Heyo fellow EMCers! I was recently bought ENTIRELY out of my diamonds, (Thanks wolves :D) (No sarcasm) so, I need some more! I neeed to buy 9 stacks of diamonds for 44r a piece, and 6 stacks of slime balls, for 5r a piece, so here the list :
    9 stacks of diamonds for 25k
    6 stacks of slimeballs for 5k

    Please! I am in desperate for these items!
  2. Edit!
    9 stacks of diamonds for 25k
    3 stacks of slime balls for 2k
  3. Um, I'm close to out of both those things myself, sorry.
  4. Thanks to FrozenForger to selling me everything I need! :D
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