[BUYING] Bulk Diamonds and Iron

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  1. 2 DC's of Diamonds (I will buy by the DC)
    30 DC's of Iron (I'll buy by 5 DC's)
  2. How much are you buying each for? And for iron, do you mean you'll only buy in increments of 5 DCs?
  3. Yes, I will buy a minimum of 5 DC's. Prices will be negotiated once I find someone willing to sell.
  4. i have a dc of iron blocks ill sell
  5. 62,208r? @ 3r/each
  6. sure i can set up a chest at 8735 on smp4 once you have payed
  7. i actually have 2 dc depending on how much you want to buy
  8. 2 dc of iron blocks that is
  9. this whole thread is crazy
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  10. Still looking for a DC of diamonds...
  11. And this thread comes up right after I donate a DC of diamonds to a drop party. *facewall*