[BUYING] [BULK] Cobblestone

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  1. In order to create the bridges in the wild for my 'Fixing the PRA' Project, I need truckloads of cobble. Truckloads.

    So, I will be buying them in 128's from those willing to sell. (128 = 2 Stacks of 64)

    If you only have one stack, or half a stack, you can still sell to me.

    Here are the prices:

    32 Cobble: 16r
    64 Cobble: 32r
    128 Cobble: 64r
    256 Cobble: 128r

    (It's basically 16r/32 Cobble.)

    Thanks muchly, and by selling your cobblestone to me, you will be helping the Empire's wilderness troubles!

  2. Good prices :p
    Btw how will this benefit the wild? (You can build a cobble/smooth stone generator in your res)