[buying] bulk building materials

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  1. I need the following:

    1008+ obsidian
    1008+ snow blocks
    A couple stacks stone slabs
    48+ leather
    Multiple stacks iron
    A stack diamond
    A stack emerald
    4 beacons
    A stack or so item frames
    And more...

    I know I can't afford all of this right now, however I would like to buy as much as I can for as cheap as I can, as I cannot make my megamall without the materials.

    Edit: I will literally give almost anything that I own for an EMC firework. It sounds stupid, however if you have one you would be willing to sell, pm me and I can set something up.
  2. I can sell you 4 beacons for 32k. Let me know if you are interested :)
  3. Love it. But could you hold onto those for me plz? I only have like 600r atm... I started an auction to raise money, but nobodies bidding...
  4. Now looking for EMC fireworks.