[BUYING] Budha's Mall Now Buying Most Items!

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  1. Hello Guys n' Gals, some of you may know of my mega mall on smp7 /v +budha
    and if you don't know about it be sure to check it out. not only do i sell most items but due to low stock and not being able to keep up i now am featuring sell signs, at a very reasonable buy-back price.
    So stop on by and make some rupees, and help keep me stocked!
    thats smp7 /v +budha
  2. Are you perhaps buying promos for teh mall?
  3. ive thought about it thats hard to keep up with tho i have the ham hacker for sale tho!
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  4. Do you buy quartz?
  5. Why yes I do at a very fair price
  6. I have a few DC of assorted blocks I could sell I'll send you a pm