[Buying] Brick Block

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  1. I need around 7-8 stacks of it at most, available for pickup Friday this upcoming weekend if possible. If there is a shop around that also has a good amount of it in stock, let me know. Thanks! :)
  2. The brick has bricks. Thou must pay Ten fold for thy however.
  3. I shall not be fooled by your medieval trickery, except for the Ten fold part though. :p
  4. xD What I said, was you must pay me 10x the amount of normal bricks cost, because they are apart of me. :p
  5. he will go on strike
  6. :p Thou shall be bit now!
  7. I still think its Brick's Trike.
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  8. Where do I buy the bricks tomorrow?
  9. Wow... I'm never gonna take trike seriously from now on
  10. Oh, tomorrow, I won't be able to log in on the forums or game at all, you'll have to wait. :p
  11. Silly trike
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  12. It's either brick, or strike. not trike.
    Or I'll go on strike! Don't make me!

    ~New thing I have decided doing~
    He shall discipline,
    all who call him wrongfully.
    Hear this heed and take the warning.
  13. now.. now.. trike, calm down
  14. I am calm >.<

    Methought that joy and health alone could be
    Where I was not -- and pain and sorrow here.
    And is it thus? -- it is as I foretold,
    And shall be more so; for the mind recoils
    Upon itself, and the wrecked heart lies cold....
    We feel benumbed, and wish to be no more....
  15. Bumpers. So, can I buy Brick from you?