[BUYING] Brewing Ingredients

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  1. I decided to start brewing for some odd reason and I doubt it's profitable.. I don't really care! I just want to brew a lot :p

    I'm buying the following items in a few stacks:

    Glass Lots of Glass blocks.
    Redstone Dust
    Slime Balls
    Blaze rods
    Gold Ingots
    Sugar Cane
    Ghast Tears

    Tell me how many stacks you've got and the price per stacks.. Thanks!
    EDIT: Res # and SMP too.
  2. I can get you a bunch of sugar cane... I'll go check how much I have.
  3. I got 21 stacks of sugar cane... I don't know what a good price per stack would be, though..
  4. I can get you about a double chest for sugar cane!! I am not competing with food....send both of use a price per stack I can maybe arrange something!!
  5. Sounds good...so would you like a double chest full??
  6. Ok. Do you want all 21 stacks?
  7. CHeck out 1004 we sell blaze rods, glowstone, gold and slime balls.!