[buying] bookshelves!

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  1. Hello once again !
    I am willing to pay a good amount of monay for some bookshelves please post in this thread how many bookshelves u want to sell and for how much. I will also accept trades here are so e items I am willing to trade;
    Sandstone a stack for a stack (smooth)
    Sand 2 stacks for a stack
    And others!
  2. I will sell some I am making some atm but I don't have that many. How many are you looking for?
  3. Well I kinda need a lot like 4 stacks but I will go with whatever u are willing to sell
  4. Well... I only have like 10 so I doubt this will work. Sorry!
  5. I will make some bookshelves specifically for this business opportunity. Pretty much everything you are offering to trade are things I need! (and happy (almost) New Year!
  6. Happy new year and how many are u offering to make?
  7. I have many stacks of bookshelves available in my shop chest on smp5
  8. How much sou sell them for
  9. 16400 sells bookshelves on smp8 :)
  10. I sell bookshelves at 6521, if your still in need:)
  11. Thanks
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