[BUYING] Book-Making Materials

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  1. I'm buying the following:
    • 1 stack of ink sacks
    • 3 stacks of leather
    • 5 stacks of emeralds
    • 1 stack of feathers
    I will not be buying paper because I have already gathered all the paper I'll need.
    Name a price and we can negotiate.
  2. 1 stack of feathers for 32 rupees. Technically I could give them to you for free, but you said to name a price. ;)
  3. How about 1 stack of ink sacs and 3 stacks of leather for 1664r?
  4. I sell all those items at 6500 on smp3. There's a whole floor devoted to bookmaking
  5. PineappleGem please mail the feathers to me I'll pay ASAP.
  6. I'll check it out. The reason I don't need paper is your free sugarcane farm. It's really great!
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  7. I'll take the leather. I've gotten ink sacs. Also I would like to have your heads for a wall (in a good way. Not "Off with their heads!" or anything).
  8. Alrighty, so how about 1152r for 3 stacks of leather?
  9. Ok. Sounds good. I'll get in game in a few mins. Mail and I'll pay.
  10. Oh... I'm so sorry, I just got in game and realized I'm all out of stock. I can't make the deal. :confused:
  11. Oops. That's ok.