[Buying]Blaze grinder

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  1. I am looking for someone to build me a blaze grinder,I don't care if what version it is. If you could do this for me please comment with a price and version.
  2. is it a single/double/+?
  3. ^^^ that guy totally knows how to build them :D
  4. It will be a single
  5. I know a Single but no grinder.
  6. I can do ethos design, Ill do it free. You would just have to supply the mats? only about like 32 sticky pistons, 32 repeaters, and whatever block you want it surrounded in, I can supply the redstone for all the devices.
  7. I might have the repeaters and i know i have the pistons and i would like it to be built in cobble
  8. Why would a person do something that is that hard/time taking for free...?
  9. Technically its not free, I have to provide the materials
  10. The hand work is already the most expensive,as the materials is only like 1k as expensive,most people charge like 20k for making it.
  11. Well mabey he just like's doing things for the comunity.
  12. He's nice? If your worried he'll grief it, imparanoid has had the coords of my skelly and 2x cave spider grinder and nothing's been touched.
  13. He also made a blaze grinder that we share! He IS nice, and if he wants to do this for you for free, I'd hop to it!
  14. I'm a nice person, and I don't need cash. I just don't feel like getting all of those mats. :)
  15. But who would grief a blaze spawner owned by a mod? :)
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  16. A griefer
  17. Alright, for everyone that is pm'ing me and posting on my wall. This wasn't an invitation for everyone to ask me to build one for free. Xandrow, just tell me a time where you will be on to show me where it is. But I'm getting off for the night. I have the next 4 days off, so I'll be on and off.
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  18. I havent found it yet but i have found a fortress and am still looking for the blaze spawners.
  19. ORLY?
    I think its really nice paranoid that you would build this free *partially free anyways*.
  20. Ok well my attempts to find a blaze spawner have been miniscule and they are all alredy blaze grinders so could you just build the grinder by the one near big davies? Also would this have the lava thing to disable spawning?