[BUYING] blaze grinder etho

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  1. Me and michael102 will pay 50/50 for a blaze grinder. I doesn't have to be a double, but that would be nice. It can be on any server and as far out as 5k blocks from spawn. We don't need a grinder that's compleatly ours and it doesn't have to be "new"(doesn't have to build it just for us)
    As I said, we'll pay 50/50 and we can pay as much as the builder/owner wants....
    So if your selling/building a spawner, just write it here or send a PM to either me or michael102

  2. So 75k to find one and build one?
  3. Double or single>
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  4. 50k, I have a spawner that I will make into a grinder for you. :)
  5. Thats what i was thinking, It better be a double
  6. Well. Will it be etho design and i would think a single blaze spawner would be less. I know many blaze spawners but i dont know how to make etho blaze grinders :/
  7. Yeah it's ethos design
  8. can you send me server and coords on pm? and double or single?
  9. It's a single and on one of the smp's. It isn't a grinder yet but I will make it into a grinder as long as you're showing genuineinterest in it. I don't want to make it and then you buy someone elses.