[Buying] Black Wool ASAP!

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  1. Buying 9 stacks of pink, magenta, and brown. 2k per color.
  2. Cadgamer101 /v 8122 wool smp4
  3. Fail, I only need 1 DC.
  4. That would be like 5600r at the res I said above
  5. Bump! I need one SC of black wool ASAP!
  6. *Wastes 10 shears*

    Okay, I have an SC for you!
  7. You do? If so, can you please give me a pick up chest?
  8. Yup, 18623, go through the center tp pad, and...heck. I'll be on, I'll guide you :p
  9. If you can't get on, I'll just place signs on my res to guide you.
  10. I now need 9 stacks of brown, magenta, and pink, buying for 2k per color!
  11. you can try my shop at 8799, most colors have at least 1 DC
  12. If you still need them, I can set up more access chests for you, I happen to have tons of those colors :p
  13. Check wool shop at SMP3 #7099 in case if you still missing some colors :)
  14. I have all of what you need if you come on utopia right now.