[Buying] Bigdavie's Head & A piece of the pyramid

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  1. Hello EMC.
    Bigdavie recently hosted a grab-party.
    I wish to buy some of the items that he gave out...
    My offer is 100,000r for the head and 2 dragon eggs for the Pyramid block..

    Please PM me your offers/deals.
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  2. I personally think these blocks are extremely overpriced. I wonder what would happen when the other 3608 blocks are given out ;)
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  3. They would be close to worthless, but that wouldn't be fun.

    I'm gonna try to go spend a bunch on this block, or maybe be really lucky that someones chooses to lend it to me for my future project.

    M U S E U M.
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  4. My offer still stands, an original dragon egg, take as much time as you need :)
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