[BUYING] Beacons

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  1. If you want to let go of your beacon you can sell them to me at my res on SMP 9 @ 18013.
    I'll have a sign up and will be buying 4 at max.
  2. Please go to my res to find out. Thank you
  3. That's inconvenient. Why not just post the price here so people decide whether or not they want to sell?
  4. Still buying up to 3 more maybe as many as 5(will decide at a later time).
  5. I suggest increasing the price a bit - unless beacons go for 7.5k nowadays...
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  6. I will sell one for 12k if anyone wants to buy it
    Not sure how much they are worth now
  7. Still buying :)
  8. ~10k
  9. Still Buying
  10. I have 4 but your Price is ehh
  11. I got the money, if you got the beacons.
  12. Still buying, I need a dozen.
  13. Got the money if you got the beacons :)
  14. I still have yet to sell any of mine :confused:
    How many do you need? I currently have 4.
  15. I'll buy all 4 on SMP 9 @ 18013
  16. Still buying