[BUYING] Beacons...Wither Skeleton And Creeper Heads!

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  1. I am looking to buy a beacon..Pm me with the price and info. I am also looking to buy Wither Skeleton and any other kinds of heads...Also Pm me the price and info on that. Happy Wither Hunting!!
  2. You can't get creeper heads (or another sort apart from wither skeleton) currently, they're creative only. :(
  3. I'll sell you a beacon block for 45,000r?
  4. Can get it cheaper..If you want to lower your price pm me!!
  5. how is a beacon made?
  6. 5 Glass, 3 Obsidian, 1 Nether Star
  7. how much u are aiming to spend for one?
  8. They arent creative only, you have a tiny chance of getting one if you kill an enemy with an anvil.
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  9. Pm with your price
  10. Could you link to wherever you got that information from? Because I just searched for it everywhere. The wiki very clearly states there is no legitimate to receive mob heads other than the wither Skull. If there is indeed a way to do this with the anvil, please provide proof.
  11. xD i dont know just tell me how much you are aiming to spend?
  12. Still looking for these Items..Pm me if you have them?