[BUYING] Beacons, Iron

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  1. Looking to buy 2 Beacons and an SC of Iron.

    Collectively, not looking to spend more than 30k on these items but I will likely take the first reasonable offer available. If you know of any shops that have recently stocked these items and you would like to reference me to those places, that would be much appreciated. :) Or reply and we can do the deal here to if you happen to have these items on hand! ;) Thx.
  2. Well the 2 beacons alone would run you the full 30k.
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  3. you should try luckypat on smp3 for beacons
  4. Tzgiles is the cheapest I know of, though he may be out of stock.
  5. Yep the beacons are going to cover your entire budget.
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  6. jhtk01 posted on this forum that he's selling beacons at his store on smp8 (/v +JK) for 16k. Don't know if he still has them on stock or not, but before that the cheapest I'd seen beacons selling for was 17k, so its worth checking it out if your budget is low.
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