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  1. Price: 9000 r to 11000 r
    Item: Beacon
  2. Its not necessary to make a forum post about buying beacons. When you can go to any mega mall and buy it for that price. :p
  3. I've just made a forum post and I assure you all mega malls I checked are out of stock.
  4. Wow.:eek:
  5. Whats ur price marsh
  6. I'm not sure. I don't want to sell it
  7. Oh then i guess thats fine
  8. I will sell you a beacon for 11k
  9. Quick question marsh, why do you respond to these threads saying you have the item they're looking for only to tell them you're not selling? You did it here too: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/where-can-i-bulk-buy-obsidian.43413/#post-814006

    Nobody cares if you have it, when they're looking to buy it, and you're not selling. Just saying.
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  10. I will sell Andrew. 10k?
  11. I say that because They want to see. Why is it a problem for you?
  12. This section is about business. They want to see, because they want to buy or trade the item, they don't want to see that you have one and want to keep it.
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  13. I have some to sell you for 12k each.

    Go to smp4 /v 9000 and look forwarts.
  14. So will u sell?
  15. Yessir. Pay and I will mail it