[Buying] Beacon Supplies

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Do you have a beacon?

Yes 7 vote(s) 38.9%
No 11 vote(s) 61.1%
  1. I now have everything I need.
  2. I have 2 beacons for sale 38k each on smp9 18956
  3. I no longer need a beacon. Thank you spann84x getting a beacon was easier than I thought. And sorry Terminator I already bought the other beacon before I saw your post.
  4. I think that since so many people are now going to get nether stars from the wither, that the price of beacons should come down
  5. That is what I think too, but I want a beacon now.
  6. Nobody else has any of the supplies listed?
  7. I just realized I was building a beacon the wrong way, so I will update the OP for supplies needed.
  8. If anybody thinks the prices are to low we can negotiate.
  9. I can supply you the iron blocks and gold blocks. I will set up a chest to sell you these items tomorrow. :)
  10. Thank you. Could you post where and when these will be setup?
  11. Residence #14664 SMP 7
    Inside the brick building whenever I get online tomorrow.
  12. I have some of the items at 4266 on smp2, if you want to go there and buy them :)
  13. go to 2515 2nd floor i sell iron blocks for 63r :D and iron ingot for 7r
  14. I sell 3 iron ingots for a total of 21 rupees, but i have more than 3 in stock
  15. you can find gold iron and diamond at my store on smp1, 1401
  16. I bought all of your diamonds.
    Your diamonds were out of stock.
  17. I'm logging online as we speak.
  18. Everything is set up! :)
  19. Thanks PIG. Now I just need diamonds.