[BUYING]Automatic Smeltery

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  1. I would like to purchase a redstone machine that smelts items.

    It must be:
    • Efficient
    • Fast
    • Synchronized Distribution
    • Work with at the least- Blaze Rods and Coal
    If you can do the job PM me!
    I am not supplying materials, I will be paying a good sum of money for this so you must supply.
  2. I'm no redstone genius but there is an easy setup that allows you to autosmelt things pretty fast, without redstone (just some hoppers and chests)
  3. come check out my autosmelter on smp4 at 8601. i could definitely build ya one.
  4. I want automatic distribution, and redstone is needed for that. Automatic Distribution allows the smelting to go faster. Problem is, I used to have 2 really good industrial smelters until I took my break. Now I need a new one :p
  5. mine has 40 furnaces on it and it has the complete auto distribution setup
  6. Your's looks like it will work for me, but I do not need 40 furnaces. Is it able to be any size/amount of furnaces?

    If it has to be 40 furnaces, can it be compacted down from the size your smelt room is?
  7. nah u can make it as big as u need it to be

  8. 2015-03-08_10.47.29.png

    Would a 32 Furnace setup fit in an area this big (maybe a bit bigger if needed)

    I will have it on utopia so space won't be a factor anymore.
  9. it should be fine
  10. Im moving this to PM, and requesting thread to be closed :)
  11. may have to move some furnaces around to get the carts to go the full distance tho
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