[Buying] As many diamonds as you can sell me

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  1. Hey all,
    Are you looking to make some money and do you have some diamonds lying around? Come sell to me at 201 on smp1 for 42r each! I'm gearing up for a special project, and I'm looking to buy up every diamond I can get my hands on. Do you have a zillion diamonds you want to get rid of? PM me and we can work something out!

    N.B. I will NOT pay market price for a bulk buy, so don't ask. There's always room to negotiate prices though!

    WHEN: any time
    WHERE: smp1, res 201 (please PM me for large offers)
    HOW MUCH: as much as possible, for about 42r each
    WHY: because I'm building a secret project. An AWESOME secret project. With lots of diamond.


  2. I think I can help you. Give me a couple of weeks and I can get you some diamond. Maybe 64 diamond blocks. This might take awhile tho
  3. I'll be buying until I have a full double chest. Please give me some warning before selling that much, so I can get the money together. Thanks!