[Buying] Any Thanksgiving Special Items!

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  1. I am buying any thanksgiving special items.
    This includes 2014 Turkey Slicer, Shiny Turkey, and
    Feast for a King. Reply to this thread with your price and
    I'll either PM you in-game or quote your reply.
  2. How much for Shiny Turkey and what quantity.
  3. what is the average price you are expecting for the items also does stacked cake count too?
  4. I guess stacked cake would count and you say your price. I am expecting around 10-25k for 10 shiny turkey. For the 2014 turkey slicer maybe around 50k. Now for Feast for a King maybe like 25k or so.
  5. Just wondering, what is stacked cake?
  6. Cake that has been stacked. It is possible to get it from the feast chests. It's rare because cake doesn't normally stack.