[ Buying ] Any promo horses, used or unused

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  1. Like it says in the title, i'm looking for promo horses. I'm willing to pay decent prices for the promo horses, about market price. Mainly looking for the ones that are listed below in red. Please let me know if you or someone you know is selling any promo horses. The ones listed in light blue are there horses i'm not really looking to buy but will still think about purchasing.
    .Incitatus (used/unused)
    .Saltar (used/unused)
    .Valens (used/unused)
    .Rudolph (used/unused)
    .Dancer (used/unused)
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  3. Bump again! :)
  4. Bump, still looking.
  5. How much would you offer for each horse, I find that that helps when trying to buy a rare item.
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  6. Incitatus, Valens and Saltar:unused around 150k and used around 100k
    Rudolph:unused (not really looking for) and used around 60k
    Dancer:unused (not really looking for and used around 20k
    All prices can change though
  7. Bump, gotten one used Incitatus since i first posted this post. Still looking.
  8. Bump again. So far I have gotten 2 used Incitatus but i'm still looking for more <3
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