[ Buying ] Any Promo Horse (used/unused)

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  1. I recently put out a post a while ago letting everyone know that i'm searching for different types of promo horses. Before I was only looking for Incitatus, Valens and Saltar that were only unused. Now im searching for whatever promo horses I can get my hands on. I will leave a list below off all the horses. The horses that I am mainly looking for will be highlighted in bright yellow (This will be where it says (used/unused)). If you are selling or know someone who sells, Please let me know and I will send a PM or talk in game with em. Looking to buy for a reasonable price. Thank you so much everyone.

    *Note* Please keep in mind that I am ONLY BUYING these horses, not selling them.

    Promo Horses:
    .Valens (used/unused)
    .Incitatus (used/unused)
    .Saltar (used/unused)
    .Rudolph (used/unused)
    .Dancer (used/unused)
  2. Just saying, I wouldn't expect "reasonable" prices to be paid for promos as old as Valens, Incitatus, and saltar. They are hard to come by and getting more rare. I would estimate their value between 150k to 200k each.
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  3. PM WitherDoggie about a Rudolph, its unused!
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  4. I dont expect them to be cheap at all, like i said as long as people are not trying to sell them for 300k+. By reasonable price i do expect prices between 150-200k each.
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  5. Still looking, bump :)