[BUYING] Any and all unique heads

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  1. I am currently buying all player heads that are not currently displayed on SMP5 at res 10477. Rates as follows:

    • Any PLAYER head not displayed - 250r
    • Any MODERATOR head not displayed - 20,000r
    • Any SENIOR STAFF head not displayed - 25,000r or more depending on head
    • Maxarias' actual player head - (unobtainable.. booo :p)
    • krysyyjane9191's head - Start convo to discuss pricing (aquired)
    Start a conversation with me, xXvexenXx, and list the heads you have and we can talk prices for any rare heads you might want to sell.

    I pay out bonuses on bulk amounts of heads, 100 or more in a single sale.

    Anyone with a surplus of heads you want to donate, you can donate at 10477 also but I wont have any idea who donated so don't donate and then ask for money. All head sales will be recorded in a convo.

    Thank you!

    - xXvexenXx
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  2. I have just_five_fun's head would that be 20k?:confused:
  3. Thanks AshBlue for the 105 heads :)
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  4. I am 99% sure these are non-existent... The only actual ones would be held by herself or Aikar if there were any at all :p
  5. Max's head is sadly not existing in a placeable form.

    EDIT: FDNY is a ninja
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    Just an FYI, these are not in public hands.
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  6. ...and that happened.
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  7. Thanks for the info.. I still want one ;) Might never get it, but it is on my want list...