[Buying] Any and All Quartz!

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  1. I need lots.... and I mean lots of quartz blocks (At least 5 DC worth)
    I will have a chest set up at 10101 to buy quartz ores, blocks, and flakes.
    I will be buying blocks at 30 rupees a piece, and flakes at 7 rupees a piece. The ores I will be buying at 25 rupees a piece.
    If for some reason you think these prices are too low, you can PM and we can negotiate a price. I would be especially willing to do this if you have a lot of quartz available.
  2. I'd say your price is too cheap
  3. Okay how much should I raise to?
  4. Maybe 28-30r
  5. Nice one!
  6. What's it for if I can ask?

    Also, I can help get lots of quartz. I was able to supply Eclipsys 4 DCs quartz blocks + 1/2 DC quartz stairs in a few weeks. But you may have to pay a bit more if you want my services. It depends how fast you want to get it - weeks or months.
  7. I already filled up 2 of his dcs xD
  8. Thanks guys :) Emptied and ready to buy some more!

    I'm building a nice secret outpost out in the wild which I will announce soon ;) So just you wait an see
    And I don't need it right away, but if you can supply me over time then I would be very willing
  9. I just realized this thread is in the wrong section.