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  1. alright so this will be my official thread for what im selling and buying and i will update as i get new things in.

    diamond supporter voucher sold
    vault vouchers X7 10k per
    stable vouchers X4 12k per

    these items are still being organized so i may have more than 1 dc but you can pm me to hold them for you once i have all fully organized which will occur very soon.

    2014 slicers-45k asking price

    Dc of fire res potions (you choose price)
    multiple if possible
    (will be going into my display on smp3 that is under construction)
    If you would like proof of display that these promos will go in check smp3. go to /town then head northwest and it will be the corner res
    X 3 for now
    I have more that i am interesting in buying but that is all i am in need of atm

    I will update the list as i sell and buy
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  2. How much for the supporter voucher?
  3. the prices are always jumping around lately so i was really just leaving it up to the buyer. usually when a price is put out there it is either low balling or too high so that is why i dont put a price to an item such as this. if you have one in mind feel free to let me know whether it be here in game or through pm
  4. not sure if they came off seeming like it meant something else but what it was supposed to mean is that when players are asked what price they usually tell their price and it is too high or they are choosing a price that is too low which would rip themselves off. i usually ask the player what they are wanting to buy it for and go from there and it has always worked out that.
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  5. How much for the double chest of redstone?
  6. ok lets say i put out a price of 350 for the voucher. we can go from there if you would like or anyone can take it :)
  7. I want to make an offer on the blaze rods, but I have no idea what they go for. Like 1r each or more than that?
  8. i honestly dont know. i usually see them go for like 5/6k per dc but that is usually in an auction
  9. I'll buy a DC redstone
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  10. How much for the DC of Gold Blocks?
  11. How much for both gold ingots
  12. sorry been busy lately will pm each of you. updated price of swords to 45k per instead of the previous 40k
  13. just an update the diamond support voucher is still for sale just to make that known. will mail to buyer
  14. How much for dc of gold ingots
  15. to those ive sold to thanks for buying but for those still waiting it will be a bit as some things have came up and i havnt been able to get into my chests to get the items. btw the diamond support voucher im now selling for 325 or 300k just whoever wants to buy its first comes first serve. let me know these funds are going towards my smp3 display that ive started a few days ago as far as connecting all the plots and buying quartz.
  16. updated the list added some vouchers now for sale after going through and doing some vault cleaning
  17. selling stable vouchers for 10k each now. just need them out of my vault/chests XD
  18. updated and hopefully all is taken off that im out of.....its late so hard to read everything ;p
  19. I have a 2014 turkey slicer :)
  20. Hey 820327, long time no see :D. Check out my potion shop for the fire res potions and if you are tired of spamming the signs just give me a pm and ill deliver them to your res in dc's.