Buying and Selling

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  1. Hey everyone! just wondering what is everyone looking to buy? tell me and ill see what i can do for you! and also im buying lots of sulphur and tnt, so any1 that has please comment!
  2. Does any1 need anything? just tell me and ill get onto it
  3. Can you get me 64 diamond blocks at 30r each? Or A LOT of gunpowder really cheap?
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  4. ..... lol no, thats just silly :p and im looking for gunpowder... why would i sell...
  5. I think we ought to start referring to gunpowder with a code-word. How about "cheese"?

    Otherwise ICC will come along and *ooh, there's someone behind m....*ewmnf.w 29- o [CONNECTION TERMINATED]
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  6. LOL, i only use gunpowder to make tnt, which i cant use anyway :p and use it to make splash ptions
  7. Why's that herb? Haha!!
  8. Hmmm....I would buy
    >Some Ice
    >Swiftness 2 Potion
    >Some Random Food
    >A couple of blocks for a ceiling.

    Anyone see where this is going :cool:
  9. you will go super fast?