Buying and Selling @ 1004 SMP1

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  1. Hey Everyone

    I have a store @ 1004 on SMP1
    I have a number of items for sale, however i will just show some good deals below:
    Enchanting bottle- 10r Stack-590r
    Glowstone- 13r Stack- 820r
    Slime- 20r Stack- 1250r
    Villager egg- 20r Stack- 1200r

    Im buying mainly these items:
    Gold ingot 8r

    Iron ingot 5r
    Diamond 30r
    (Make a large profit also if u were apart of destroying 1577 sell your items here i have people making thousands from me already!)

    Also if you buy in large quantities it is even cheaper! :)
    Many more great deals are available!
    With Many Stock available :D

    When you come to my res, there will be a teleporter to the right a bit, travelling you to the store :D

    Coffee_bullet :D
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  2. Pistons and sticky pistons in the next room. Repeaters are 8r each.
    Diamonds 42r each
    Emeralds 35r each
    Bones 1r each
    Wood 75r per stack
    Also check our enchant store!
  3. LOL?
  4. I dunno just for fun?
  5. i sell stack for 590r
  6. Lol terry
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  7. I support this...
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  8. thx :D
    may i ask why?
  9. Nice prices:) and I don't have a shop yet, but I can sell you big quantities of some items:)
  10. Lol I had a dream coffee was a moderator
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  11. any feedback guys?
  12. come on guys come visit
    also if u were apart of the destruction of 1577 and have lots of iron gold and diamond sell it to me the main lobby and make thousands many people have already :D
  13. i'm interested in a double chest of glowstone and a few stacks of bricks for my project. I may need more items later such as gold blocks. EDIT: and 32 jungle saps
  14. I'll come visit right now. :D
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  15. if u want to set up a place where i can sell u glowstone on ur res u will be sure to get a steady supply :D
  16. there seems to be few people selling birch. So I need a double chest with birch logs..........
  17. why did u just say that? i m not talking orders i just sell items
  18. yea. you can sell me a double chest with birch logs -.-