[BUYING] Alot of Sugar Cane!

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  1. I need stacks of sugarcane .
    I don't know what to give per stack, so name your price below. If I see it as a fair deal Ill buy from you, and eh since the price is up to you, Ill have to buy from the cheapest one :3
  2. for the books?
  3. Make a sugar cane farm...
  4. You've guessed right my dear friend ;)
  5. 12006 @ smp6 ;)
  6. Ill rather buy them
  7. *Cough* lazy *Cough*
  8. I got a sugar cane farm, when I am able to get on my PC, I will sell them for you, a 10 stacks I think
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  9. Nah or kinda yes. I don't play mc that much now, so buying instead of farming is more time saving for me. :D
  10. ahhh...

    Clever One...
  11. Ah ha. Xandrow we have a convo you may be interested in ;)
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  12. Books, 19000

    If you want bulk, I can do bulk. I have 4 large chests full of books. PM me to discuss prices.
  13. Good planning! I already have a double chest of books, so i think im good for a while:p
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  14. I've got what I needed, :D