[Buying] All things on my shopping list

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  1. Hello EMC! I am buying all this stuff on my shopping list below for these prices to keep my mall at cheap prices. If you can sell me any of the stuff below it is greatly appreciated! :) Once Items are crossed off I dont need anymore. Thanks~Potato
    Oak Logs: 80r per stack
    Diamonds: 3200r per stack
    Cobblestone: 15r per stack
    Stone: 16r per stack
    Emeralds: 1200r per stack

    Double Chests:
    Oak Logs: 4320r per DC
    Stone: 1000r per DC
    Cobble: 1000r per DC
  2. Wait so, if I sell you a stack of logs I get 80r but if I sell you a DC of it (54x as much) I get 400r which is 5x the price? That doesn't make sense to me :confused:
  3. I don't think he meant it. He probably accidentally did his math wrong with the oak logs.
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  4. I think he meant 4320r per DC of oak logs.
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  5. oops my bad lol :p i changed it now :p
  6. i forgot to add the zeros :p and i did my math wrong too
  7. Also pretty sure 1200 x 54 =/= 20000 (emeralds) :p
  8. Also, make a double chest of emeralds 65k.

    You had some really wierd math there.
  9. I just took off the emeralds i realized i already have tons :)