[BUYING] All the voters stuff!

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm buying every voters item! (NOT THE VAULT/STABLE VOUCHER).

    If you want to sell any voters item to me PM me with the item + price!

  2. PM me with your price if you have any for sale!
  3. I'll sell you my Voters Iron Hoe for 8k-10k.
  4. I'll buy it for 10k :)

    I'll pay you when I got online - please mail it to me :)
  5. just sent it
  6. Paid! Thanks for the iron hoe :)
  7. I'm still buying voters stuff :)
  8. Bump for the voters stuff :)
  9. Bump.

    I'm looking for more voters stuff! I'm buying EVERYTHING!
  10. sell you voter helmet and pants 20k for both
  11. 20k each or 20k total?
  12. total
  13. Deal!
    Comming online now :)
  14. Buying more and more :)