[BUYING] All the gold you can muster.

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  1. Hello there :)

    I will be needing all the gold you can sell me. I'm buying at 1254 for the following prices:

    1 nugget: 1r
    1 ingot: 10r
    1 block: 91r

    The prices are a bit low because well, I'll be needing it in bulk: 1088 blocks total.
    Thanks :)

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  2. Buy me out,
    1111 - Blue Floor
  3. for me, prices are HIGH :p

    Sucks for me :/ I had just sold like 144 gold blocks for like 72r/block
  4. Cool, are these for the geodomes?
  5. i have a ton of gold at 1401 but its 13r each
  6. You got it. ;)
  7. i sell 12r gold @ 2515 2nd floor smp1