[Buying] All the Diamonds!

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  1. Hai guise and gurls :)
    I'm buying diamonds for 53r per at 10002! Sell them all to mee!
    If you have extreme amounts feel free to PM me and I can just pay you and set an access chest (To avoid insane amounts to clicking) :D

    Have a good day!
  2. Bump bump to the Bump :)
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  3. Bump cause moar diamonds >:D
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  4. Uh.... Why?
  5. I liek duh diamonds.
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  6. What kind of question is that?! These are diamonds we are talking about! I have a good collection myself..:D
  7. sold you 3*64 + 47 :)
  8. Moar diamonds plox :D
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  9. But i'm buying all the diamonds.. so..
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  10. Last time this happened... The SMP2 diamond economy belly flopped and crashed... This was two months ago, and there are still hardly any diamonds. Agreeing with stew.

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  11. All the diamondz arez mine.
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  12. Actually they're all superg64's :p lol
    EDIT- all the gold is kevs, but I don't care about that because I don't use gold :p
  13. Oh really? How many does he have?!:p
  14. Last time I checked, every diamond in the smp2 mega malls...
  15. I couldn't find a place to sell you diamonds, is the res number correct?
  16. I took the signs down because I was changing it around, ill put it back up as soon as so get on:)
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  17. I sold you a few stacks a few days ago... ty for the rupees :D
  18. she fixed the signz :p