[Buying] All the books!

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  1. Hello! I am now buying all enchanted books!
    Make an offer now! PM me your offer or just do it here!
    I am buying them! All of them that you want to get rid of for cheap!

    Maximum prices are set so please don't be sad :)
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  3. Or as th guy in the pic :D YEAAAAHH
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  4. I have a few fire protection 3 books I'd like to sell.
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  5. They are priced at around 350r each how many if you still want to sell them?
  6. Lets start a fire! I mean riot
  7. Ew. Thats disgustingly low.
  8. Got a few Infinity Books, and Fortune III.

  9. Fortune III I will buy for 1100r each
    Infinity 850r each
    I can raise the price of fortune if you think needed
  10. Check my auction out just bumped it, it's called get 1 might as will get the other
  11. I can put together a DC of silk touch books, what's ur offer?
  12. Infinity price is alright.
    Fortune, I would rather not for that price.

    Inform me how you would prefer to pay/pickup/where.
  13. I'm not buying just saying an idea to you

    Auction place: they go for 37k

    Selling: they go for 31k

    So if the guy wants to offer he can go anything between 28k-31k if higher then that's a dum move for him, if less then 28k I wouldn't sell it
  14. If I pay you for 5 or so can I pick them up via access chest on one of your reses.
    Also if you would like I will pay 1600-2000 for the fortune sorry it was a bad price :)
  15. Depends on how mutch you want :)
  16. Access Chest is set up on Smp1 Res 208.
    Infinity = 7 Available
    Fortune III = 6 Available (atm, will be getting more)
  17. Paid 1800r for five fortune (total of 9000r)
    Paid 850r for 7 Infinity I (total of 5950r)
    Grand total of 14950r
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