[Buying] ALL Supporter Vouchers

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  1. Hey, I'm buying all supporter vouchers (until I run out of rupees :p). My prices are as followed:
    • Iron: 35000r
    • Gold: 70000r
    • Diamond: 145000r
    If you have any of these vouchers you are willing to sell me, post on this thread (or my profile), or catch me in-game. :)
  2. I am just wondering, why would you need these? Did Aikar bribe you with hamsters to attempt to ruin the economy?
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  3. Im guessing for mob arenas...
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  4. and other, super secret, future events ;)
  5. *cough* Events server *cough* ;)
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  6. *cough* hamster wheel death run *cough*
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  7. OOOH, *jumps with excitement, then throws tv out the window cause who needs a tele when you've got a Hamster hosting events like MA, and other super secrets*
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