[Buying] All Staff Team Heads

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  1. I am currently buying the heads below. Note*Please state the prices you would like for the head and then we can negotiate*

    1 KryssyJane9191 head
    1 Bigdavie head
    1 battmeghs head
    1 RainbowChin head
    1 Zegridathes head
    1 margaritte head
    1 Dwight5273 head
    1 Shiny Aikar Head
    1 AZHamster head
    1 Ahksel head
    1 DamiensMom11 head
    1 NZScruffy head
    1 bloodra1n head
    1 hatorijr head
    1 AlexChance head
    1 PirateOfDW head
    1 Regular IcecreamCow head
  2. As far I'm aware, never in public hands, but good luck lol
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  3. Correct, neither of those quoted are in existence :)
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  4. Alrighty, thanks =)
  5. I have a cow head... Would that work for icc? Grab test had a lot of those...
    Maxarian heads aren't placeable? And icc isn't really staff now
  6. Only one ignoramoose exists, and it belongs to krysyy. Just letting you know. :)
  7. i have chins head
  8. I can sell you shaunwhites and bonzds. Make an offer
  9. shaunwhite, just_five_fun and 5weety all trade heads. ArtemisV sells her head on smp1.
  10. I just added it so please edit your posts =)
  11. I think samsim was just telling you where you can get those few heads, not offering to sell them.
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  12. How much for the bonzd head? and bump
  13. *pouts... but... but why my name not listed there.
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  14. Offer. I don't know of many people that have his head so
  15. I happen to have two, I don't think they're that rare. :p
  16. Would you mind selling me one if Rhino decides he doesn't want to sell his?