Buying All Lucky Bows 60k Each

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  1. Buying all lucky bows I can get for 60,000 rupees each!

    Sell signs are setup at /v 1148 on SMP1!

    I am completely fine with reselling. If you find someone selling bows for under 60k, feel free to buy them and turn around and sell them to me for 60k!
  2. You'll have all of them! :mad:
  3. Would you sell all of those? It'd be 1,300,000.
  4. I don't plan on selling them any time soon =P
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  5. Then I don't understand the purpose of the post >.>
  6. What are lucky bows?
  7. i may be selling a few soon ill let ya know
    Let me know :)
  9. I remember when I had that many... I burnt them at an event when that was only like 200k worth =P kind of wishing I had saved them xD

    Although I don't really play anymore in game so it doesn't really matter.
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  10. I remember I had that many but then I gave them away as gifts lol.
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  11. And here I was thinking they would nevver be worth over 20k! Meh, ill save my 13 until I can get 100k each
  12. Now have sell signs setup at /v 1148 on SMP1 for instant selling!
  13. Now paying 60,000 per!