[BUYING] All holiday picks and 1 riendeer

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  1. Send me a PM with a price, use /promo holiday2013 to claim yours and sell it to me today!
  2. I need the Rudolf unused btw!
  3. I have seen this used unused thing a lot about horse eggs.
    Would you please explain what a used horse egg is and why it matters?
    Do they store lower HP stats?
  4. Have not seen an egg yet but previously if spawned in, it lost its value to collectors (me)
  5. I have a Rudolf spawned and unspawned, the unspawned says:
    Happy Holidays 2013
    [Empire Minecraft]
    followed by the predetermined stats
    while the spawned one just has the name, breed and stats
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  6. Buying the Rudolf for set price of 20k.
  7. I will give you rudolf for 20k
  8. No longer buying lol, I must have forgot to post :p

    can a moderator please close?