Buying all Emc Staff heads.

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  1. I would like to buy as Much staff heads as possible. I think mostly each go for 10k each.
    Thank you :)
    (I know like IcC and Aikar might not give a head)
  2. ICC does have a head...I own one myself :p

    EDIT: They are very rare
  3. No one has Aikar head and that has been confirmed by him lol. GL on getting the others.
  4. We just have to stalk him in wild and wait for coding to go wrong...
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  5. Ill sell u bonzd67 head for 10k
  6. I'll sell you an ICC head for 5 mil. :p
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  7. Start a Pm with me
  8. Misterfappy has quite a collection of heads including an Aikar one.
  9. I started a pm with you... And you never answered
  10. Someone used three alts and set their skins as Max, Justin, and Aikar and gave away those heads for free, so that is probably what misterfappy has, seeing how aikar says no one has one.
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  11. The only way to get an Aikar head is.... Well I can't tell you but I know :)
  12. Sure you do...
  13. How do we know that you know
  14. Yeah. I don't have his head.
  15. I can't tell you but :p

    Trust me, I know :p
  16. You could always, you know, pm me, you know :p ~FDNY21
  17. I'm in school all day so that's why. When I get back on pc after homework in gonna sell my beacon and buy it.
    Also, I have like Max and Aikars head from Kevs thing. All his last are the heads. *Skin stealer app*
  18. There are some Aikar heads at the secret smp1 room... Just be creative and get them. NoahMarcusWhite can help you with the "being creative" part :D
  19. Ok cool
  20. Can't sorry......

    But that may help you figure out :p