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  1. Im buying any and all eff 4 books. But only for 750r ea no more. As i can get eff5 for that price

    Why you may ask

    Eff 4 is cheaper to enchant an eff4 tool into eff 5 instead of using an eff 5 book. Also why waste an eff 5 book on eff 4.

    Nuff said

    Either pm me on the forums your res number and where i can pick the books up at (make a sell sign for me) or tell me how many you have and i will gladly pay you to mail them over but if you choose this option wait till i send the payment to mail them over, if you mail them over before then you need to tell me asap so you get payment

    They dont have to be just eff4, they can have other enchants except any pickaxe enchants (unbreaking, silk touch, fortune)

    I really need these badly so dont hesitate!
  2. Go to smp5 /v +ebooks. There are several for sale there. I believe the price is 750r. Later today I will refill it if you buy them all and price them at 600r for you.
  3. Got more at 550 if you're interested.
  4. i am so very intrested :)
  5. how much will u pay for each?