[ BUYING ] All Coloured Wools

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  1. Im buying all coloured wool's for my mall on SMP2 [4097] i need to buy a lot of wool it needs to be cheap it can't be like 64 for 80r it needs to be like 64 for 64 or 1 for 1! So if you know of any res's that sell wool cheap just tell me!:)
  3. i might have some come to smp5 10317
  4. Go to /v krysyyjane9191 on smp2... The Tardis
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  5. That takes you to a hotel... the Tardis is /v krysyyjane9191
    Besides, as manager I can guarantee that we're out of wool for now.
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  6. DANG... i knew it was one of those two... they are the same person, but i got them switched around... ok ill edit my post.
  7. i am not out of wool
  8. Im at 10317 i can't find the shop??:confused:
  9. there is no shop we need to discus a time we can get on at the same time and do a trade
  10. Tried me? :p
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  11. Alex your wool is 100 for 110r and if you actually saw my first post you would get it!
  12. That's not very far off... you can't be too picky
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  13. I've placed a few stacks of random colors at 3553, our pricing is 11r for 10, just 1 rupee from your ideal pricing :)

    Pink, magenta, cyan, light blue, and brown.
  14. ive got alot of lime green you can buy too so ill put that in at 3553
  15. Thanks I'll buy most of it!!!
  16. Nickijiewolf I'm on for about 8 hours on Saturday!
  17. wat is ur time zone
  18. There are several "Aussie" time zones ahaha.