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  1. Hello people of emc.

    I just lost Mob Arena for the 14th time, and each time I've lost, I've lost to Zabriel, Portal Shooter, Terminator, or talukegord. I don't know how they win ever single dang time. I've won 4 times. 4. I want more wins.

    For this task I need a lot, and I mean a lot of enchantments. (List Below)

    Protection IV, Unbreaking III Diamond Helmet (2)

    Blast Protection IV, Unbreaking III Diamond Chestpiece (2)

    Protection IV, Unbreaking III Diamond Pants (2)

    Protection IV Unbreaking III Diamond Boots (2)

    Yes I need two of each. I want to win, once, just once against these impossible victors that win every single time.

    I know this will cost a lot, but I don't care. I want to win. Post below if you have any of these items.
    With the searching I've done so far, it seems that NO ONE. ANYWHERE. On EMC has these items.
    If you do, you're blessed by God himself.

    Thank you, good day.
  2. When do you need it?
  3. PM erosego, RandomZH, or maybe darkangledav?
  4. i can make you em but when you need em by

    EDIT: i have begun making them if you want them :p
    also btw does it matter wut enchant on which piece, i mean you want 4 unbreak 3 protections and 1 blast, is it okay to mix?
    Helms: Done
    Chestpieces: done
    Legs: done
    boots: Done
  5. I can sell you a set of this at the right price. PM me.
  6. I have all this, just let me know prices.