[BUYING] A variety of auto-farms

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  1. So I need a few automatic and semi-automatic farms built. I don't want to buy one that already exists, as I have a location in mind.
    Farms I will need:

    Double Blaze spawner
    Triple Wither Skeleton spawners
    Iron (16-36 cell)
    Witch, if that is still possible

    and in town, for a little less:
    Sugar cane

    If anyone can build any of these, just PM me a price range and a design you will use, and we'll get to talking. If you don't have a design, I do except for the ice generator. I just don't have the time to make all of these. I've already located a witch hut and slime chunks and claimed the land in the frontier.
  2. Be warned - 1.8 will make changes to the way Iron farms work.
  3. I know; that's why I want a helping hand to put it up quickly. I'm sort of starting on it. They aren't too resource intensive, at least. A 36-cell or even 18 should pay for itself by the time 1.8 gets here.

    Interested in building?
  4. I will have to pass. I built another 16 cells on my farm in 2 days last week. I am beyond burned out on it.
  5. 36 cell? I have a 16 cell
  6. A 36 cell is merely a 16 cell with an additional 5 stacks of villages. The AFK point would be moved from the center of the 4 stacks to a point underneath the middle of the 9 stacks.
  7. What is the rate? Mine gets 2 DC per 5 hours or so
  8. Well. according to the spawn rates of Iron golems, 5 hours at a 16 village farm would net you no more than 3,200 ingots in 5 hours or 640 in 1 hour. That is not factoring in TPS drops on the server. At those same rates, a 36 village farm would net 1440 Iron ingots an hour.

    These calculations are based on the spawn rates of Iron golems per village per hour. A village will produce 40 ingots of iron in an hour.

    *Edit - This was not meant to be a confrontational post. Just a display of the numbers.
  9. Regardless. The issue at hand is the purchase of the Iron farm. Have you Considered the layered village builds such as the iron trench by TangoTek? This is a 1.7 build that groups 32 villages within a 64 by 96 block area. Stacking these would result in a very nice 96 to 192 loaded villages.

    Also, Danial Kotes created a 1.8 build known as the Iron towers. This build also layers 32 villages. I have not played with this build and would not know how effective stacking it would end up being.
  10. I have been told that those builds don't work in Emc. Not sure
  11. I surely hope this is not the case... I just finished half of Tango's build tonight....
  12. on emc mobs will only spawn 64 blocks away from you in ever direction (which I believe is less than regular). So if the iron trench really is 64 by 96, that means 32 of those would simple no spawn.
  13. The trench's spawn points are all within a 48 by 20 area. The build is larger to include a detection villager for the building of villages. But, you bring up a valid point concerning the 36 cell iron farms. Production will decrease in outer villages due to the spawn distance. Only a percentage is lost, but there is still a reduction in iron.
  14. Is it possible to make the villages on the outer rim taller?
    That way you could still fit maximum sized villages within the x,z distance limit. It might not be 36, but maybe like 28?
    I've never built one, so I'm not clear on the vertical distance you need between villages.

    The iron trench has to be in an always-loaded chunk, like a spawn chunk or end exit portal chunk, I think.
  15. Nope. The other two builds that tango has designed require spawn chunks. The trench is specifically built for those who cant get into the spawn chunks. Also, I will confirm that EMC has broken the Iron Trench build. I put many hours into Troubleshooting the design and rewatching tutorials. Nothing has fixed the merging of my villages.

    However, if there was a way to produce a working Iron Trench, A player could Easily fit 2 stacks of 3 trenches in a set of loaded chunks. That would be an Obscene 192 producing villages, 12 times the usual 16 village build.