[BUYING] A unique skin!

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  1. Hey everyone, Choon here, and today, I shall begin a quick competiton for skins! :3

    Basic Info
    Now, I know I know there's a ton of people that make skins for free or much cheaper then what i'm offering. But, like most people's reasons, I wanna give some unknown designers a chance, for a neat prize!^.^
    So, i'm looking for a wonderous skin, that represents what I really like. Potatoes and pandas. Now, I don't want a skin like those skins whereas you are just wearing a giant potato suit or something. So stay away from that!
    Here's what i'm looking for:
    Blue Hair/Green Hair. (Or mix 'em.. I dunno what it look like..)
    Potato-related apparel
    Panda-related apparel.

    Now, I know a lot of people hate the teenage skins sort of thing, but sadly, there are pretty nice looking to me..... So, yup.. It's not like you have a higher chance if you enter a teenager skin.. It's just that if you can find another type of... Human, that's also nice. ^.^

    I'm also looking for a skin for my alt! Because I don't go on my alt as much, the prize will be less then the first place prize.

    The winner of the skin contest recieves their pick of a Fourth of July Soulbound Empire Firework, or the New Years Soulbound Empire Firework.
    The alt skin winner will receive a lovely 5k rupees, straight from my account!

    More Info
    The contest ends in exactly one week from this day posted. If there's less then 2 entries in the week, the contest will be extended for another week, and if in that time there still isn't anymore entries, the two entries will be the only entries. Multiple entries is allowed.
    NO TAKING FROM OTHER PEOPLE OR WEBSITES! I want the skin done from scratch. Using a basic guideline skin is allowed, but only say changing a few pixels of color from another skin is NOT allowed.
    One more thing : Whenever you enter the skin, I have the right to use it. I won't use it for multiplayer, and only for singleplayer purposes to test the skin. If the skin loses the contest, than I no longer hold the right to use the skin. Understood? :)

    (If something here is not allowed, please post. I will immediently change it after a moderators confirmation, or if two people confirm on it. )
  2. Reserved post for winners
    and bump for now. ^.^
  3. Nickbowhunter is awesome at skins :3
  4. About the part with using other skins, is it allowed to use a plain teenager skin as a 'template' and decorate it accordingly? Not like a few pixels, like hair and cloths etc. It's just hard to completely make it from scratch and easier if you have the correct hair shape and such to start with..
  5. Yup! Leave a link where you got the skin also. ^.^
  6. Like the template?
  7. Nickbowhunter very good with skins, also my friend does them, msg him on youtube. MiarcBros (say its for Mike)
  8. Quick Bump
    I appreciate you guys that are telling me of excellent skin maker's that can make me a quality skin. But i'm not planning on asking anyone specifically. I want every skin maker on EMC to give this a shot! :)
    If you do have someone in mind that is really good at making skins, please tell them about this small event. I really wish to get a new skin. If you happen to refer someone to this competition, and they enter with a skin that is following the contest's rules, you will get rewarded a quick 1k. Make sure to tell them if they make an entry to refer you!