Buying a spawner!

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  1. Hey everyone, does anybody have a spawner for sale? because i will buy one for under 5k! it can be any type of spawner, so plz comment if you wanna sell one.
  2. I have one.
  3. what type, how much rupees and what server?
  4. Zombie, 5k, smp8
  5. err, no thx, think i might just wait after 1.3 cause the wild will probs reset so will be a waste of rupees, and im waiting till i get past 50k rupees to spend on anything, thx anyway
  6. You should of pmed him because hes non-supporter
  7. Then why would you post this thread if you are waiting till 1.3?
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  8. He created a thread.
  9. why should of he pm'ed me? and i changed my mind :p sry, just thought of it then
  10. If there is a wild reset i'll give you 50% money back guarantee :)
  11. lol, thx :) but still not buying :p
  12. Well it's your loss.
  13. not really, it would be more of a loss if i bought it :D
  14. I could sell one for 2.5k. Got like 5 locations with mob spawners.
  15. Not really you could make more than 20k before the reset.
  16. Not going to be a reset :)
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  17. how do you know it wont be reset?
  18. Because there's no game breaking stuff in 1.3 and Justin would be foolish to reset for some emeralds and Justin is not foolish :)
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  19. I like to shake your hand haha
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  20. ... Okey then 1 k for a mob spawner.