Buying a res

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Being able to buy another res

Yes! 6 vote(s) 42.9%
No! 7 vote(s) 50.0%
Maybe! 1 vote(s) 7.1%
  1. I had an idea that if you wanted to have another res you could buy it. Maybe a set privacy like 15,000 rupees for a res if you are over your free res limit. Please vote in the pole
  2. not allowed to sell/buy residences
  3. Then people could buy rupees for rl money and that would just make bad things happend. So it would be like:
    People who have lots of money in real life rule EMC. People who dont have lots of money in real life couldnt really play in EMC as they cant get a residence.
  4. Aka
    Aka capitalistic America lol
  5. He means that it would be a code Justin would do, so that when exam. I (Im not a supporter) goto free residence "1337" there is two opinions: 1. Do /claim 1337 to claim the residence and
    2.Do /buy 1337 to buy the residence for exam. 15 000 rupees.
  6. I'm not trying to sell a res it's a discussion on if the server would allow u to buy more reses
  7. Exactly my point
  8. What does "capitalistic" mean? English is not my mother tongue.
  9. i still dont think it will happen, all but the newest servers barely have a handful of open res' and besides, there is already a way to "buy" another res, become a supporter
  10. basically? those who have money run the place.
  11. Yes, i know. That's why i dont like the idea.
    Okay, thanks for telling what it means!
  12. Maybe players could buy extra residences for real money on the EMC site like another res for $50 so people wouldn't buy everything.
  13. But then that comes down to real. World wealth
  14. Well think about it for a second rupees can be bought with real money do that means richest people can have most rupees supporter upgrades cost real money so richest people support at highest rank to get lots of perks and minecraft accounts cost real money Sewell so that means extra plots but maybe $25 would be a better price.
  15. Yeah about that
  16. This has been discussed over and over, it isn't happening any time soon.
  17. Like i said:
  18. This isn't something that's ever going to be implemented.

    If someone could buy a res for rupees, Justin would have to open like 5x the amount of servers which wouldn't be stable with the amount of supporters and so there'd be no money for us to expand.

    I think it would come down to supporters. People could support for one month, get around 40k and buy residences. Shop owners would be other people who could take advantage of this.
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  19. Yes but people with lots of money can just buy additional minecraft accounts anyway