Buying a RES! (CLOSED)

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  1. Hey Guys Im buying a res where i can get all the perms and practically own it!
    Name your price!
    All perms must be proved in person before i pay!
    Hopefully on SMP6 but any server is fine!
  2. Since players can go derelict or be banned, you are probably better off paying for Supportership or getting a second account. Depending on your purpose, there are always friends who will give you perms out of kindness, but the derelict/banned problem potentially applies to them as well.
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  3. He could vote under their name once every 15 days to keep them from going derelict ;)
  4. I wouldn't be surprised to see a rule against doing that.
  5. Jack told me its legal..
  6. But you still couldnt get onto the res if you were voting for them...right?
  7. Voting refreshes the derelict timer ^_^
  8. Ah, thats good :D Thanks ~FDNY21
  9. It's not a good idea.
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  10. People can get banned.
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  11. True.
  12. I know someone who lost everything he had because it was in a shop on someone else's residence and that person had not been on for a considerable time. Someone decided to not only have it unclaimed, but decided to not tell him they were doing it to really screw him over. If he had known he could have voted in their name to keep the residence from becoming derelict it would have saved him a lot of heartbreak.

    I'm a bit appalled to know that this kid was told "sorry, rules are rules" at the time, and to find out now that we are actually allowed to circumvent the same rule by impersonating another player.
  13. Just the way the dice rolls...D:
  14. Buying permissions is against the rules. Even when Rainbow held a contest to get all perms on one of his empty residences, our cow overlord pretty much had one of his kind when trying to decide about if it was allowed (from what I heard).
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  15. It had to be done in the disclaimer that the the res never truly never became "theirs".
    In the fact that it was till my residence, but they just have all perms.
    I also had to openly say that the perms could be removed at any time without notice, but I still have't, even to this day. :)
    And of course I was giving mine away, not selling it.
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  17. Being able to vote for EMC to reset derelict status is only a recently implemented concept, it may not have been around when they lost items stored on someone else's lot. We always recommend storing your items on your own lot, that way only you control the fate of your items. :)
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  18. I can understand why I would want to do it to reset my status, but to reset someone else's... Is it allowed because it can't be stopped?

    Anyway, as jkjkjk182 pointed out, it's not allowed anymore anyway.
  19. Selling permissions to a residence WITHOUT unclaiming it completely is not allowed.
    Therefore, buying perms to a res isn't allowed either.
    It alleviates problems in the future and protects players in the long run.
    Please PM me if you have any more questions. Thread Closed.
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  20. Well, if you went on a voting site right now and voted using another player's name there's literally no way for us to know who did that vote. There are no records for people voting on those sites, and 99% of them don't even require a login to vote. I could say: "it's illegal to vote for EMC using another person's name", but there's really no negative to it.
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